Electronic Billing Overview


DELPHI32 includes the ability to submit your insurance claims electronically.  DELPHI is designed to seamlessly integrate with the clearinghouse called 'Office Ally'.  Office Ally does not charge for electronic claims submission - it is FREE.  This allows you to electronically bill almost all insurance carriers throughout the country including Blue Cross, Medicare, and Medicaid.


If you are interested in Electronic Billing, give us a call at 800-847-8446 and we will email you the enrollment documents.


Office Ally has always provided this service for free.  We do not have any influence on their business decisions should they change their rate in the future.  That being said, they do a very good job and not changed their rates in the past.  The only exception is that if over 50% of your electronic claims are Medicare/Medicaid, they bill you a flat monthly fee of approximately $25.