Box 25 - Federal Tax ID Number (SSN / EIN)


Box 25 contains the Federal Tax ID Number or Social Security Number of the practice or provider of services.  


Although this may seem straightforward, some insurance carriers require other information to appear in this box.  


DELPHI32 provides many choices for placing information in Box25.  This is done on by editing the specific insurance carrier in the Insurance Carriers Setup screen.  Details are located in that section.


*Note:  Box 25 contains two check boxes indicating whether the number entered here is a SSN or EIN.  DELPHI32 determines which box to select based on the location of the dash located within these numbers.  If a dash is located in the fourth position (123-45-6789) as is common with SSN's, then the SSN box is checked.  If a dash is located in the third position (12-3456789) as is common with EIN's, the EIN box is checked.