Tip of the Day - Reset Tips




This option is located under the Utilities Menu and is directly related to the Tip of the Day screen.  Each time you start DELPHI32, the software will randomly pick from the available 'Tip of the Day' and display that information on your screen.  An example is shown below:



If you are an experienced user and already understand the particular topic being displayed, then you can check the box at the bottom of the screen labeled "Don't show this tip again."  In the example above, the "Due Dates" topic will no longer display as a tip and DELPHI32 will randomly select from the remaining available tips.


This feature simply resets all tips as available to choose from again.




1) Start at the Main Menu.

2) Position the pull-down menu under `Help.'

3) Click on `Tip of the Day - Reset Tips' and follow the directions.

4) Now, DELPHI32 will present a random tip from all available tips the next time you view the Tip of the Day Screen.