Managed Care




DELPHI32 allows you to track managed care settings on a client by client basis.  You may specify the total number of visits allowed and when treatment begins and ends.  You may also request to be warned  if there are a specific number of sessions remaining and/or treatment must be completed within a given number of days before treatment ends.  Lastly, the Managed Care screen allows you to keep running notes about your dealings with various insurance plans over time.


*Note:  This screen behaves either as a General Notes screen for the selected client, or as a Managed Care screen for the selected client.  This depends upon whether the "TRACK MANAGED CARE FOR THIS CLIENT ?" checkbox is selected at the top of the screen.




1) From the Main screen, highlight the client for which you wish to track managed care.

2) Click on the button on the right side of the screen labeled "General Notes / Managed Care".

3) A screen similar to the one shown below should appear.

4) Notice the checkbox at the top of the above screen labeled TRACK MANAGED CARE FOR THIS CLIENT ?  If this box is not checked, then this screen behaves as a General Notes Screen for the selected client.  If this box is checked, then the managed care screen appears similar to the one shown below.



The managed care screen basically breaks down into 4 main sections:







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