System Requirements


This section covers that basic system requirements for running DELPHI32 smoothly.  In a nutshell, any computer system purchased within the last few years which runs Microsoft Windows XP will work perfectly.


If you are purchasing a new computer, then we recommend that you follow the guidelines set out below when making a decision.  Please note that our advice is designed to make sure that your computer will be useful for several more years as new versions of Microsoft Windows appear.  We want to make sure you have enough power be happy with your computer purchase for at least another few years .


Another important point is that you should plan on spending an extra few hundred dollars up front on increasing the speed, memory, and monitor (screen) of your computer.  Almost all bargain computers have too little memory, are relatively slow, and have the cheapest monitor available.  












Lastly, you can call us if you would like help in determining which computer system is right for you or simply need help understanding your options.