Box 24d - CPT


Box 24d actually consists of three different items.



This section describes the first item which is the procedure code.


The procedure code is entered when you Record a Session.  Procedure codes may also be edited for past sessions in the Session History Screen.  When recording a session, DELPHI32 populates the Procedure Code with the Default Procedure Code defined in the Client Medical Information screen.


The procedure codes are fairly standard and are provided with DELPHI.  In the event that you need to add or edit procedure codes, (change the default charge/ description) you may do so from the Procedure Codes Setup screen.  


Tip:  DELPHI32 has a very nice trick when it comes to defining procedure codes in the Procedure Code Setup screen.  Suppose you have several different default charges for the same procedure code.  For example, when billing most insurance carriers for 90806 (Individual Psychotherapy) you normally charge 100.00 dollars.  On the other hand, when you bill Medicare for 90806, you always want the charge to appear as 90.00 dollars.  The solution to defining different default amounts for the same procedure code is to place a hyphen after the code with a short description following it.  In the above example you might have one 90806 with a 100.00 charge, and a second 90806-MED with the 90.00 charge.  Now you would setup all of your Medicare clients with the 90806-MED procedure code.  The trick is that DELPHI32 will not print the hyphen and anything following it on the claim forms.  When billing for 90806-MED, Box 24d will only contain 90806 (without the "-MED") attached to it.


This can also be useful if there are several providers within a practice that charge different amounts for the same code.  For example, you could define the following codes for three different providers:


90806-FREUD   100.00 charge

90806-SMITH   90.00 charge

90806-JUNG   75.00 charge


If Freud is the primary provider of service for a particular client, you would assign 90806-FREUD in the Client Medical Information screen.  As far as the HCFA-1500 is concerned, Box 24d would always print '90806.'