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Free Evaluation

This page allows you to download a complete copy of DELPHI32 to evaluate.  The idea is to let you use the software, along with our free telephone support, to determine if DELPHI32 is right for you.  This download is an actual copy of the software (not a demo) that allows you to determine the following:

  1. Does the software make sense to you?  We believe that you should be able to understand the basic flow of the software within the first few minutes.  If the software passes this test, then proceed...
  2. We provide a step-by-step tutorial that will help you quickly add your first client to the software.  The tutorial will take you through the process of adding a client, recording sessions, applying payments and adjustments, generating completed HCFA-1500 insurance bills, and generating client statements.
  3. We suggest that you add several actual client accounts to further help you encounter real-world scenarios that will allow you test how well DELPHI32 meets your specific needs.  During this stage, you also have the opportunity to use our free telephone support.  Remember that the evaluation copy of DELPHI32 is the real software, so anything you enter into the program will remain intact if you choose to purchase DELPHI32.
  4. Do you like our free telephone support?  One of most important features of our software is that you can call us at 800-847-8446 anytime you have questions or need help.  During your evaluation, you get the opportunity to find out what to expect with our support. 


Download the Free Evaluation

This is a complete copy of the actual software - you can try it out before making a decision.  You also get to check out our free telephone support !!!