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Features Checklist

Before you look over our extensive features checklist, you need to know that our software is simple and easy to use. Aside from the standard list of features, the real power of DELPHI32 is in its attention to detail and the subtleties involved in running a successful practice.  We start off assuming that you know little or nothing about bookkeeping and computers. If you are an experienced user, you will find a wealth of features that enable you to get the specific practice information you'll need. If you are a new computer user or just need a simple billing program, you've found the software that will help you run your practice with confidence.

Lastly, all of these features are available only if you need them. Most practices initially require only some of these features. The important point is that after you have used DELPHI32 to get your practice running, you have the ability to take advantage of some of the more subtle features.

Features Checklist

Account Balances Tracks both the total amount due AND the client amount due for each session.

Learn More

Accounting Expense tracking / Deposit slips / Profit and Loss / Activity Reports Learn More
Adjustments Bad Debt
Write-offs and Discounts
HMO-, PPO-, or EAP-negotiated rates (risk pools)
Learn More
Advances What happens when you receive more money than the client owes? What happens when you receive money and you don't yet know which session to apply it against? DELPHI32 makes it very easy to deal with credit balances. Learn More
Aging (Who owes you money?) Divides outstanding balances according to how old the charges are: Current, 30, 60, 90+ days overdue with corresponding user-defined statement messages Learn More
Appointment Finder What future sessions are scheduled for any given client? Learn More
Assessment & Intake Evaluations Design your own forms to meet your individual needs. Learn More
Authorization Number Tracks prior authorization number along with managed care tracking Learn More
Backup and Restore DELPHI32 can backup and restore your data to any removable drive. Learn More about Backups

Learn More about Restore

Batch Payments If you receive a large check from a client or insurance company, you can distribute it across several clients for multiple sessions. Learn More
Benefit Limits Tracking Tracks number of authorized sessions within a given date range and provides friendly warnings indicating any violation of these rules. Learn More
Client Ledgers Instantly show all sessions, payments, and adjustments for a complete patient billing history. Learn More
Client Statements Select statement types for each patient. User-defined overdue account messages to meet your needs. Learn More
Co-payments Calculates the portion of each session that is owed by the client. This may be a fixed amount or a percentage of charge. More importantly, this information may be easily edited when you find out days, weeks, or months later that the client amount due changed for any reason. Learn More
Customer Support It's free! Call 800-847-8446 for fast courteous support. Our expectation is that we will work closely with you early on. This ensures that you are comfortable with the software and that it is really set up to meet your specific needs. Once you are set up and have gone through your billing cycle several times, we hear less from you. Learn More
Customized Insurance Claim Forms Each insurance company has its own requirements for their claim forms. For example, your Blue Cross claims might appear one way, while Medicare claims need to appear differently. Every insurance form can be customized to obey the individual rules of each carrier. Learn More
Diagnostic Codes Included and customizable. Learn More
Discounts/Write-offs/Hold Harmless Tracks insurance write-offs/discounts/hold harmless and bad debt Learn More
Due Dates Several methods for calculating the point at which a session becomes overdue. Learn More
Dunning Messages Customized overdue messages on client statements corresponding to how overdue their account is (i.e., current, 30, 60, 90 days+). Learn More
Easily Correct Mistakes


Everyone makes honest mistakes. When you find an error, you may easily correct it without having to make complex adjustments against the account. If your mistake has already been posted, DELPHI32 will automatically make the appropriate adjusting entry showing an Audit-Trail. Learn More
Easy to Use We assume that you know little or nothing about bookkeeping and computers and believe in friendly one-on-one telephone support. Learn More
Electronic Billing Electronic billing is handled by Office Ally and is Free. Learn More
Error Trapping DELPHI32 will help you find errors in your data and tell you what is wrong. This ensures that the claims you submit will get paid. Learn More
Expense Register Allows tracking of your expenses. You can also customize the expense accounts to which your expenses will be distributed. Learn More
Export Data Any report can be exported to:
  • PDF (Adobe)
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Text
  • Comma Separated (CSV)
  • HTML
  • RTF (Microsoft Word)
  • Windows Metafile (bmp graphic)
Learn More
Face Sheet Design your own screen to contain anything about the client along with control of fonts, colors, size, etc... Learn More
Facilities Track which facilities (if any) service was provided at. Learn More
Financial Histories Easily and visually make sense of an account. See exactly which client payments, primary and/or secondary insurance payments, write-offs, discounts, deductibles, refunds, etc. have occurred against each session. Learn More
Flexible Fee Schedules You can customize your own fee schedules in addition to setting up special billing circumstances that surround individual clients. Learn More
Free Phone Support Free and friendly lifetime telephone support on our 800-847-8446 number. Learn More
General Ledger Interface The solid foundation upon which DELPHI32 is built.  The whole point of using an integrated DELPHI32 system is to keep you away from the complexities of the general ledger while providing an intuitive way to keep track of your billing.  Learn More
General Notes / Managed Care Notes Special category of notes assigned to a client (not progress notes) or assigned to their managed care status. Learn More
Group Practices, Clinics, and Billing Companies DELPHI32 allows you to maintain a database for each individual practice that might be part of a group, clinic, or billing company. Learn More
Insurance Billing Batch insurance billing through the insurance queue.

Custom insurance claims for any previously billed sessions.

Customized claim forms for individual insurance company rules.

Batch Billing

Individual Billing

Customized Claim Form

Electronic Billing

Interest/Service/Finance Charges Assess charges on overdue client balances. Define different charges for different patients. Learn More
Mail Merge DELPHI32 exports any of its data to commonly used formats that can be read by your favorite word processor. Learn More
Mailing Labels Use your favorite word processor to create mail merged lists of any DELPHI32 data. Learn More
Managed Care Warning Limits Track authorized sessions within any date range, total number of sessions allowed, with customized warnings based on days until treatment ends and number of sessions remaining. Learn More
Medicare, Medicare, Medicare... Need we say more. DELPHI32 knows how to make Medicare claims appear correctly according to their often arbitrary and meaningless requirements. Learn More
Multiple Providers An individual practice may have multiple providers. DELPHI32 makes it easy to track who owes you how much was received within any given time period. Learn More
Network Compatible DELPHI32 was written to allow multiple networked computers to access the same data at the same time. Learn More

On-line Help

Context sensitive on-screen help Learn More
Open Item Accounting Probably the most important feature of the software.  Basically, payments, adjustments, etc... are applied against the individual session. Learn More
Password Protection Encrypted passwords for HIPPA compliance. Learn More
Payroll Calculator for Providers DELPHI32 will calculate appropriate salaries for multiple providers plus activity reports Learn More
Place of Service Normal place of service codes included with the program. Learn More
Print Positioning Align the Insurance Claim forms down to a hundredth of an inch so that the Xs are inside the boxes.  (Clean claim forms!!!) Learn More
Procedure Codes All CPT codes included, plus you can define your own and customize charges for each provider within a practice. Learn More
Progress/Clinical Notes Fully customizable progress notes tied to each session. When used, you may simply type a sentence, paragraph, or novel describing the session. In addition, these notes can be totally customized to automatically retrieve any information about the client that you wish. Very Powerful!!! Learn More
Query The query feature located in the Super Report allows you to retrieve any information contained in the program. It is one of the most powerful features of DELPHI32 and has incredible potential. See Super Report.  Learn More
Referral Source Tracking Track all practice activity by referral source such as Yellow Pages, Word of Mouth, Agency, etc... Learn More
Referring Physician Tracking Track all practice activity by referring physicians such as Dr. Jeckle, Dr. Spock, etc... Learn More
Refunds Refunds occur when either the client or the insurance company overpay. If the client has a credit balance that is the result of an overpayment, you can easily record the refund to them through the expense register. Learn More
Reports Profit and Loss for any time period
Revenue/Income by source
Aged Accounts (who owes you money)
Session Summaries
Detailed Billing Reports
Referral Tracking
Activity Reports
Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Summaries
Client Listings
Managed Care Statistics
Learn More
Responsible Party Billing Send client statements to the parent, guardian, agency, or any other source responsible for the patient account. Learn More

Risk Pool Deductions

Although increasingly uncommon, some insurance payers and managed care companies will withhold part of your payment in a "RISK POOL." In some cases, you will periodically receive a portion of the amount withheld. DELPHI32 takes care of these transactions for you. Learn More
Scheduling DELPHI32 contains a world class scheduler.  Users of Outlook will be pleased.  Connecting you your PDA is supported. Learn More
Statements Statements can be totally customized to contain the information that you feel is important. First, you may select from three different body styles. Second, you may add, delete, or modify most of the information on the statement - right down to the font, size, color, etc... Learn More
Super Report One lesson that we learned many years ago was that no matter what reports we provide our customers, they would always want to see something different for their particular situation.

 The Super Report allows you to select any information, sort it, and filter out unneeded information. This allows you to lookup, query, and filter all information in DELPHI32 to "drill down" to the exact information you desire. VERY POWERFUL!!!!

Learn More
Tip of the Day If you wish, DELPHI32 will offer a tip of the day each time you start the program. Learn More
Type of Service Codes Assign a type of service to each session. Learn More
Updates Receive updates from our web site for constant changes to the industry and never ending improvement to the software. Cost is $100 per year beginning one year after purchase. Learn More
User Manual Available anywhere within DELPHI32 (by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard) and on our web site with a single click. The Help System is highly cross-referenced and each topic has a Summary, How to Get There, and Step by Step instructions related to the specific information you need. Learn More