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Recent Updates for DELPHI32

This page is an attempt to convey to our existing 6600+ customers (and potential customers) that we actually listen to your input and modify the software according to your individual and group needs.  Our software not only meets your existing needs, but continues to evolve in dealing with the ever-changing mental health care profession. 

As you look at each of the major enhancements below, please understand that many minor changes take place between each cool/new feature.  Minor changes are modifications that usually apply to a small subset of customers with unique local, state, or insurance-specific issues.  Major enhancements make the list below.  Minor enhancements do not make the list.

If you would like to download the latest version of DELPHI32, please go to the Downloads page.




It's finally time to get rid of the older ICD-9 codes contained in DELPHI.

After downloading the latest version of DELPHI, you can remove un-needed codes by going to the Setup Menu -> Diagnostic Codes and selecting "Import new Codes" in the lower right corner of the screen.  This not only removes the older codes, but streamlines the lookup of codes by description. 

As far as looking up codes by description, any time you are on a diagnostic lookup in the client information screen or the session history screen, you can simply press the <F3> key and type something as simple as "sex" and the diagnostic list will only contain codes containing the word "sex" in it.

This feature only affects customers that have been around for 5+ years, but It doesn't hurt anyone to run the routine.

Added January, 2018
Creation of PDF files was temporarily broken by the latest update to Windows 10.  This caused frustration for a month or two until we figured out how to solve the problem.  Those customers that relied on this feature are very happy campers right now. Fixed December, 2017
Under specific circumstances, switching between practices in a Multi-User system could cause an error message.  This has been fixed.  Sorry for the hassle, especially to our billing companies. Fixed October, 2017
Any time an adjustment was being made by itself without an associated payment, DELPHI was not returning to the search screen. Fixed August, 2017
Decided to make all previews of claim forms (both under the Preview, and the 'Review of Past Claims' to take up the entire height of the screen.  Improved May, 2017
An update of about a dozen new ICD10 codes is now available.  These new codes are in use as of October 1st, 2016.

After downloading the latest version of DELPHI, you can import these codes by going to the Setup Menu -> Diagnostic Codes and selecting "Import new Codes" in the lower right corner of the screen.

Updated September , 2016
The final release of the ICD10 update is now available.

This is a CRITICAL update, and all existing customer are required to update to the latest version.

ICD10 Checklist is available by clicking here, however, these instructions will automatically display upon starting DELPHI.

Updated August 17th, 2015
APPOINTMENT REMINDERS via cell phone text or email are now available.

For the time being, please call us for help in setting up this feature.  Each appointment reminder costs 10 cents.

Special Thanks to Kim from Tallahassee, Florida.

Added July 6th, 2015
DELPHI now allows you to import the ICD-10 diagnostic codes into your existing set of diagnostic codes.  However, these codes do not go into effect until 10/1/2015.  The use of the new diagnostic codes on your insurance claims before 10/1/2015 will cause your claims to be DENIED.

However, if you choose to import the newer ICD-10 codes, you will simply be adding them to your existing list of ICD-9 diagnostic codes - which in no way forces you to use the new codes.  We are providing this capability to simply satisfy your curiosity and/or provide you with a reference between the old and new codes for the next year to help you with the transition on 10/1/2015.

Added September 26, 2014
This relates to the mouse-wheel.  When opening the Client Information screen, the procedure code was automatically highlighted.  If you accidentally rolled your mouse-wheel, the procedure code might change without your direct knowledge.

Thanks to Brandy from Florida.

Improved July 30, 2014
When generating "Financial History" statements, we used to only show those sessions that made up the balance.  We have changed this statement to require a date range, which will cause all sessions within that date range to appear (even if they have been paid off) along with any other session that the client still owes money for.

Thanks to Bob from Oregon.

Improved July 3, 2014
New item added the the CMS (02/12) claim form.

Certain insurance carriers are requiring the "qualifier" next to BOX 15 of the new CMS (02/12) to be filled out. 

This topic is similar to the item below about BOX 14, but there are some subtle differences that are important to understand and that cannot be quickly explained here.  Feel free to give us a call so we can explain how to make this work.

Thanks to Elaine from Massachusetts for gently prodding us to get it done.

Added June 15, 2014
Fixed an issue when searching multiple practices on certain networks.

Thanks again to Suzanne from Washington, and Lisa from Oregon.

Improved May 12, 2014
New item added the the CMS (02/12) claim form.

Certain insurance carriers are requiring the "qualifier" next to BOX 14 of the new CMS (02/12) to be filled out. 

This can be completed by going to the Setup Menu -> under Insurance Carriers and editing the individual insurance carrier in include the Box 14 Qualifier to contain a value such as "431".

The Box 14 - Qualifier is now shown in the Client Information Screen under Insurance Coverage.  If you want Box 14 - Qualifier to contain a value, you must enter it here.

Thanks to our Northeastern Customers (this is starting to happen in the Midwest also, so everyone should begin expect this new behavior)

Added May 8, 2014
Fixed an issue when previewing claims from the session history where the image of the NEW CMS (01/12) form was not being drawn correctly.

Thanks to Lisa from Washington

Improved April 22, 2014
Attention billing companies and multi-practice users.

There is a new feature in the Help Menu called "Search Multiple Practices" which allows you to search ALL of your practices for a Client Name.  This is very useful in locating a client when you don't know who their provider is, and when that client is located within another practice.

Thanks to Suzanne from Washington

Added March 20, 2014
When scheduling an appointment, DELPHI has a nice feature used to populate the event message with anything you want, such as phone numbers of the client.  However, it previously pulled this information from the client that was highlighted on the main Client List.  This turned out not to be good...

Now, the event message is blank when you schedule an appointment, BUT, will populate with the information specific to the client you 'Assign' and/or 'Record a Session' from the appointment.

Thanks to many of you who pointed out the error in our original logic.

Improved January 30, 2014
Each time an appointment is modified in the scheduler, DELPHI now adds the user name, date, and time.  This information is automatically added to the last line of the event/appointment message.

Thanks to Donna from Illinois

Improved January 30, 2014
Added the Deductible information to the Payment Screen next to insurance coverage and co-payment information.

Thanks to Kim from Connecticut

Improved January 15, 2014
Fixed the issue of automatically setting the Managed Care Treatment dates to a more comfortable date range.

Thanks to Kim from Connecticut and Mardelle from Washington. 

Improved January 14, 2014
Added the new CMS 1500 (02/12) insurance billing form to DELPHI.  The "drop dead" date for this requirement appears to be April 1, 2014 - with some insurance carriers adopting it as soon as January 6, 2014. 

This form is called the "NEW CMS" form within DELPHI and is to replace the existing "CMS" form.

We'll keep you posted of any other developments.

Added January 2, 2014
Added the VIDEOS to the software program itself as a Main Menu choice rather than requiring you to visit the web site for viewing. Added December 4, 2013
Added the new PGF file format for participants in the OHIO MEDICAL GROUP.  The cost for this is $100/year Added August 12, 2013
Increased the speed of the scheduler Improved April 4, 2013
The "Source of Payments" has been added to all Activity Reports.

Can't remember who "forced" us to do this, but if you let us know, we'll give you credit here.

Added January 17, 2013
The new 2013 CPT Procedure Codes are now included in DELPHI. Added December 18th, 2012
The insurance queue loads 5 times faster. Improved November 16th, 2012
Improved the Printing of Scheduler Views.  Specifically Daily, Work Week, Weekly, and Monthly.

Thanks to Zoe from Michigan.

Improved October 1st, 2012
Financial History in Date order regardless of the order in which you enter your sessions.

Thanks to Lisa from Oregon.

Improved September 15th, 2012
Holidays Highlighted in Scheduler.  They appear in RED on the calendar and when you hover your mouse over a red date, a popup appears telling what the holiday actually is.

Thanks to Melinda from California.

Added August 7th, 2012
Coming Soon...   Multiple statements addresses. 

DELPHI will soon allow you to have a single statement created for multiple recipients.  For example, if you have a client named Johnny Doe Jr., you might want to print a statement to be sent to the mother at one address, the father at a different address, and another mailed to an attorney. 

Thanks to Peter from Oregon, and Korinne from Utah.

Work in Progress Work in progress.
Scheduler Speed Issues.

If you scheduler is taking too long to load, it is because you are sitting on top of tens or hundreds of thousands of appointments from years ago.  

DELPHI now has a scheduler cleanup utility that will get rid of unnecessary appointments.  In Jackie's case, (below) we were able to get the scheduler to load in 10 seconds rather than over 1 minute.

Thanks to Jackie from Michigan.

Added May 24th, 2012
Electronic Medical Records (Notes) - In the past, DELPHI would "append" your popup choices at the END of all notes.

We finally provided you with the ability to insert your popup choices at the cursor position within the note.

Thanks to Kevin from Massachusetts.

Improved May 3rd, 2012

Although the DELPHI scheduler is very nice, some customers prefer to use an online scheduler such as Google Calendar.

DELPHI allows you to launch your web scheduler instead of our scheduler.

This feature is located in the Setup Menu under Printer/Technical

Thanks to Steve from North Carolina.

Added April 15, 2012
Sticky Notes behave a little more intuitively.  Several customers complained about them getting in the way and not being able to move them and /or close them.

Thanks to the several hundred customers that "gently" pointed this out. 

Improved March 22, 2012
Statements - In the past, multi page statements would repeatedly print a header AND footer.  This caused a waste of paper for statements that included a large date range.

This feature has been requested by many people for quite some time.

Sincere and special thanks to Lisa from Oregon who has been waited too long for this obvious improvement.

Added February 28, 2012
Super Report Export to spreadsheet - Previously, the export of the super report to Excel was limited to a width of 7 inches.

We expanded that to 4 feet.  This is somewhat technical in nature, but is very useful for exporting DELPHI data for use with other software.

Thanks to V J from Portland, and Ken from Eugene.

Added January, 13, 2012
Deductible is now listed in the patient insurance information screen. Added December, 3, 2012
Automatic posting of client overpayments to Advances.

This is a huge (but subtle) improvement to DELPHI.  When recording sessions, you have the ability to also post a client payment for that session.  However, this can result in an overpayment of that session if you are not paying attention to what you are doing.

Take the following example:  Let's say you record a session for $100 and you have instructed DELPHI that the client responsibility for that session is $20.  At the same time, you decide to post a $30 payment against that session.   

Now, DELPHI will accept the $30 client payment, however, we will post only $20 against the session.  The remaining $10 will be posted against an advance.

This is cool because it prevents you from overpaying sessions.

Thanks to Charles from Tennessee.

Added November 22, 2012
Scheduler - Gave the ability to select 100 different labels, colors, and meanings.  In the past, we thought 11 was enough.  WE WERE WRONG.

This feature is available from within the scheduler.  Select the Options Menu and Select "Label Meanings."

Special thanks to Sean from Texas. 

Added August 3rd, 2011
Modified the "Open Item" statement to allow a date range selection.  In the past, you were not able to select a date range as this statement used to show only UNPAID sessions.

Now, you can select a date range, and DELPHI will show BOTH unpaid sessions AND paid sessions that fall within the date range specified.

This is a subtle change, but was in very high demand by about 5% of our customers.

Thanks to Roger from Wyoming.

Improved May 19th, 2011
Made two major "behind the scenes" modifications related to diagnostic pointers and customization of insurance claims.

Basically, we have made it impossible for users to "accidentally" mess up their claims.  These changes are not "sexy" or obvious to anyone, however they will make both your life and our lives much easier.  TRUST US...

All customers should download this version.  This modification eliminates well over 500+ support calls per year.

Massive Improvement April 28, 2011

We introduced a new feature into the scheduler that provides a "PRIVACY" mode.  The idea here is that there may be times that both you (the provider or office manage) and the client may wish to review available appointments together.

Obviously, you would like to provide that information without displaying other private client information.  You can now do this from within the scheduler by clicking on the menu option labeled "PRIVACY."  If privacy is turned on, then all existing appointments appear in black.

Special thanks to Peter Powers from Oregon who dislikes Therapist Helper, but desires to have this particular feature within DELPHI. 

Added March 16th, 2011
Reviewing Past Claims.

When reviewing past claims, you have always had the ability to resubmit them in their original format.

This version of DELPHI allows you select either a paper or electronic resubmission of the original format. 

Improved March 14th, 2011

Unfortunately, we made a mistake related to the insurance billing and have finally corrected it. 


Special thanks to Achieve Therapy Services from North Carolina. We sincerely appreciate you patience related to our mistake.

Fixed March 9, 2011
Advance date in Payment screen. 

The advance entry in the payment screen is now always located at the bottom of all sessions.  This forces you to look at the ADVANCE entry each time you open the PAYMENT screen without having to locate it yourself.

Special thanks to Byron (billing company) from Washington. 

Added February 9, 2011
SPELL CHECKING has been added to all notes and Electronic Medical Records throughout DELPHI. 

To spell check, right-click on any note within DELPHI32 and selecting Spell Checking.

This provides you with a world class spell checking system which allows you to also define your own custom dictionaries for words not found in the English (American) language.

Special Thanks to Amelia from North Carolina, and Edna from Virginia.  Both of you admit that you can't spell, and this feature helps everyone in the country.

Added February 1, 2011
MAJOR INCREASE IN SPEED on all systems.  Single machines and networked machines.

We discovered a way to increase the performance of DELPHI up to 8 fold.  ALL USERS NEED THIS...  Download the latest version.

Special thanks to Psych Affiliates from Florida and Meredith from North Carolina.

Discovered January 25, 2011
Backup and Restore of DELPHI32 data has been completely re-written. 

To summarize, backups, restores, and preferences related to both have been enhanced.


  • You can now specify the default backup location.  Please pick the drive that you want to backup to - as opposed to the location on that drive that you might have selected in the past.
  • b
  • c


  • 256bit (AES) ENCRYPTION - If you backup to an external drive with 'encryption' enabled, nobody can read the data in the event that you lose the backup device.  Only your (licensed) version of DELPHI can read the data.  TOTAL SECURITY
  • DELPHI automatically maintains the last 10 backups of your data on your backup device.


  • Faster Searching of your computer for any DELPHI backups.  (This can occur up to 100 times faster than it did in the past.)
  • Automatic ranking of the most recent backups.  Backups are listed in the order that they were most recently made.
  • You have the ability to search backup locations in the order your prefer.  DELPHI32 will let you define the drive order that you prefer.

Breaking Change.

Added February 22,2011
Billing Companies - Remember last payment date

This feature is extremely useful to our billing companies as they tend to enter payments every week or so.  DELPHI will remember the last date of the payment, which greatly increases the speed in which past payment information can be entered.

This feature is accessed from the Setup Menu under Accounting.  It is called "Recording Payments - Retrieve previous payment info." 

This will "shave" an hour or two off of your week.

Special thanks to Byron from Washington. This is a huge improvement to all billing companies that use DELPHI across the U.S.

Added December 6, 2010
Scheduler allows you to automatically populate the "Appointment Message" with client and system data.

The default behavior of this feature is to automatically provide the name of the USER, DATE, and TIME stamp of the person that scheduled the appointment.

Additionally, you may populate the Appointment Message with anything else that you desire.  For example, the name, gender, age, diagnosis, telephone numbers, email, etc. can be added to the appointment.  You can add add anything you want to the appointment.

This feature is available by opening the Scheduler, clicking on "Options" and selecting "Scheduler Message".  Simply follow the instructions available on that page.

Special thanks to Mary Anne from Pennsylvania.

Added November 1, 2010
The scheduler allows you to right-click on any appointment and color code it.  In the past, the meanings of these color coded items were not under your control.

Now you can custom design the meanings of the color coded labels to meet your own definitions.  This is done from within the scheduler under the menu called Options->Label Meanings.

Thanks to Jacquelyn from Michigan.

Added October 12, 2010
Fixed a "potential" problem where power users (those who are incredibly fast with their mouse and keyboard) could cause a message screen to be covered by another screen.  This caused some users to "believe" that DELPHI was frozen.

Now, you can't make it happen no matter how fast you are.

Fixed October 5, 2010
Two of the dates within DELPHI (out of 400+) forced you to enter slashes.  This occurred during record a session and on the Payment Screen.

Now you can simply enter the date as 09022010 and it will work as expected.  You can also enter 92210 and it will work too.

Thanks to Brandy from Oregon.

Fixed September 22, 2010


When looking up appointments for any client, you can now define how far back in time to start listing appointments and how many appointments to show.

Some customers want to see all past and future appointments, while others only want to see the next few appointments. 

Thanks Randy from Georgia.

Added September 21, 2010
The next few appointments can be printed on statements. Added September 17, 2010
DELPHI used to rely on the Date settings defined in Windows Regional and Language Options when printing or electronically billing insurance carriers.  This turned out to be a bad strategy due to other software programs occasionally modifying these settings.

DELPHI no longer pays attention to the Windows settings, and simply prints the dates in the correct format regardless of the Windows settings.

If you electronically bill, you must have this update.

Fixed September 9, 2010
Only users with specific privileges can view/print session notes.

Thanks Holly from Oregon

Added September 1, 2010
You can print both the Progress Note and the Psychotherapy Note. Added August 19, 2010
The terms for Session Notes (Progress Note vs. Psychotherapy Note) are user definable.  Reasonable people can disagree on the meaning and placement of these terms. 

See Setup->Session Notes->Define Terms

Added August, 12, 2010
Corrected Spelling Errors in Electronic Medical Records.

This was bad form and we apologize.  We let a customer edit this information and never ran a spell check on it. 

Fixed July 29, 2010
On Screen Previews of all reports finally are finally "pretty" again.

We received several hundred calls over the last few months pointing out that we "squished" the preview of most reports.  Lesson learned.

Special thanks to Rose from Alaska who complained the loudest.  

Fixed July 24, 2010
Alternate Statement Address - Copy Client Address Button.

Added a copy Client Address Button to retrieve the currently defined client address information from main Client Information Screen.

Thanks Lynn and Tom from the East Coast.

Added July 18, 2010
Scheduler - Searching appointments for the selected client.

Recurring appointments are now correctly displayed.

On the Main Screen, next to the scheduler button, you can lookup appointments for the selected client.  We fixed several issues related to the recurring appointments button.

Thanks to the Nexus Group from MI, and Tara from Quebec.  This was one of the hardest projects we worked on in the last few years.  Finally, it's over!.    

Fixed June, 19, 2010
Session/Progress Notes vs. Psychotherapy Notes

Each Session now has both a Session Note and a separate Psychotherapy Note. 

Special thanks to Judy from California.

Added June 12, 2010

You can now scan your signature into a file on your computer and then import that signature file into DELPHI.  This signature will attach itself to printed session notes.

Everyone owes a thank you to Ramesh from Texas.

Added May 22, 2010

Synchronize your DELPHI patients with "OUTLOOK Contacts" and "GOOGLE Contacts".

DELPHI will create a "CSV" (comma separated value) file which will allow you to sync with almost any handheld device (Blackberry, I-Pod, etc...). 

This allows you to lookup client contact information while away from the office. 

The Super Report allows you to lookup a list of clients based on any criteria.  Once you create your ideal client list, you can select "Export Contacts to Outlook/ Google" from Advanced Options located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Added March 3, 2010
The scheduler loads more quickly.  We have also made it impossible for employees to modify settings without consulting the system admin..

Thanks to all of you scheduler addicts.  You know who you are...

Added February 12, 2010
Automatic Write-Off can now be set from the  Client Insurance Information Screen.

Thanks Elisha from New York.

Added February 11, 2010
New Session Report with full search capabilities.

The Session Reports are now fully customizable.  Those of you familiar with the Super Report can now accomplish the same feats with Session specific information.

This feature is extremely powerful.

Thanks to several dozen of you.  This pretty much seals the deal of the ability to create any report you can ask for.

Added February 1, 2010
Super Reports and the new Session Reports now have the ability to SUBTOTAL on any column.

Very cool and a major time-saver.

Added January 15, 2010
Coloring of odd rows on client list - customizable based on your taste.  It makes the client list more attractive.  There are 10 default colors to choose from, however you can pick from millions of other colors.

This is located at the top of the client list as a colored bar drop-down menu.

Our Idea....

Added January 7, 2010
The scheduler allows you to set the default length of appointments.  This is defined as hours and minutes.  A 50 minute appointment would be zero  hours and 50 minutes.  A 90 minute appointment would be 1 hour and 30 minutes.

It is located in the lower right corner of the scheduler.

Thanks Elisha from New York.

Added January 4, 2010
Cascade Checking Option in Financial Histories. 

You can set your preference related to cascaded checking of individual or groups of items.

Thanks Sally from California.

Added December 23, 2009
Session Notes can now be locked while 'Recording a Session' or from the 'Session History' screen Added December 14, 2009
All reports now provide a thumbnail view of all pages in the entire (multi-page) report. Added December 7, 2009
All reports are now searchable. Added November 19, 2009
The mouse wheel works better than it did in the past. Improved October 2, 2009
All reports can be exported to the "PDF" (Adobe) format.  In addition, they can be exported to:
  •  Text (*.txt)
  •  Comma Separated (*.csv)
  • HTML (*.htm)
  • Excel (*.xls)
  • Word (*.rtf)
  • Graphic (WMF) - Windows Metafile
Added September 23, 2009
Electronic Claims enhancement for Office Ally - FREE.

DELPHI will automatically create a folder called "Ally" on your C: drive and automatically name the claims file to the date that you are creating the claim.  For example, if you create a claim on June 17th, 2009, DELPHI will automatically name the file "20090617.txt.  In addition, ff you choose to save your claims to a folder other than "C:\ally", then DELPHI will remember your preferred location.

This greatly speeds up the process of generating electronic claims and normalizes the naming of claims.

Added June 17, 2009
EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

We have made a major breakthrough with all note taking capabilities within DELPHI (including session/progress notes, assessments/treatment plans, general notes, managed care notes. and sticky notes.)

This means total integration of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) into every aspect of the practice management capabilities of DELPHI. 

This feature allows you to define ANY category of your choice and ANY number of choices related to that category.  For example, you might define a category called "DISCUSSION/ISSUES" that contains items such as Friends, Marriage, Children, Parenting, Legal, and Medical. 

You simply right-click while in any note within DELPHI and a menu of your categories will be displayed.  When you select a category, DELPHI will display a selection box containing all choices related to that category.  You may then select any number of items related to that category and insert that information directly into the note.

In the above example, you might select the category of "DISCUSSION/ISSUES", and pick Children, Parenting, and Legal.  DELPHI will then insert the following sentence directly into your notes... "DISCUSSION/ISSUES: Children, Parenting, Legal."

This feature will immediately make sense to you by simply right-clicking on any note with DELPHI and selecting some of our predefined categories.  Remember that you can define ANY category of your choice for any purpose along with any list of options related to your category.

VERY SPECIAL thanks to Michael Connor from Oregon.

Massively Improved May 8, 2009
REQUIRED FIELDS FOR CLIENTS.  In the past, the items that were required when adding or editing clients were determined by DELPHI.  Now, you have the ability to define those items that YOU believe must be completed.  In addition, you can turn off required fields if you do not believe they are important.

For example, you can instruct DELPHI to require a field such as Facility, or you can instruct DELPHI to no longer require a field such as Referral Source.

This feature dovetails nicely with the other new feature (DEFAULT CLIENT) described below.

Go to the Setup Menu under "Add New Client" to see how this works.

Added April 23, 2009
DEFAULT CLIENT.  You may now define a default client which represents the information commonly shared between all of your clients.  For example, each of your clients might share similar characteristics such as their state, place of service, procedure code, referring physician, etc.

This greatly increases the speed in adding a new client to DELPHI, and dovetails nicely with the other new feature (REQUIRED FIELDS) described above. 

Go to the Setup Menu under "Add New Client" to see how this works.

Added April 12, 2009
DUPLICATE AN EXISTING CLIENT.  DELPHI now allows you to duplicate all information for an existing client without forcing you re-enter shared information.

This is very useful in situations where you are seeing multiple family members.

Thank you Rita and Paul from Michigan

Added March 19, 2009
Financial History - Added a statement header to the option that lets you select specific items from the financial history and print them with a standard statement header.

Thank you Rita from Massachusetts and Michelle from North Carolina.

Added March 2, 2009
Activity Report now allows sorting by Payment Source Added February 14, 2009
ELECTRONIC BILLING.  We've switched our clearinghouse to Office Ally (away from National EDI.)  Electronic claims are now free! 

In addition, the buttons within DELPHI that send electronic claims are now set to automatically connect you to the login screen at the Office Ally web site.

Modified Jan 4, 2009
FANTASTIC NEW FEATURE !  DELPHI now allows you to link to any external document from within any of the notes throughout the software.  These might include, but are not limited to DOC files (Word), PDF's and/or scanned images of EOB's, Images/Pictures, Web Pages, Videos, Sound Files, or almost any other file outside of DELPHI.

Linking to external documents is done by simply right-clicking within any note (i.e. Sticky Notes, Progress Notes, Managed Care Notes, Session Histories, Assessments, etc.) and selecting "LINK TO AN EXTERNAL DOCUMENT."

External Links can be accessed by simply clicking on them.


Thank you to all of our customers that helped us "beat up" this feature until it worked beautifully. 

Added/Modified September 9, 2008
Added Email address to client information screen.  Also added the ability to send an email to the client on systems that support Outlook.

Thank you Steve from Chicago.

Added August 2, 2008
Added Days/Units to Managed Care Tracking.  This information is also available in Super Reports and all notes throughout DELPHI.

Thank you David from New Jersey.

Added August 1, 2008
Added Custom User Fields to Main Screen.  Also cleaned up column titles on Main Screen and provided ability to custom select User Fields in the column order.

Thank you Frank from Idaho.

Added July 27, 2008
Made a change for National EDI claims.  Electronic claims are beginning to require Box 19 to be populated with the Referring Physician NPI.

Thank you Medicare for making life miserable for honest software developers, mental health care providers, and innocent patients.  Everyone reading this knows exactly what this means...

Added June 11, 2008
Fixed the occasional "Cannot focus a invisible Window..." message. 

Thank you Allison and Mike, who finally explained the exact circumstances under which this  happened.

Fixed May 2, 2008
DELPHI now support over 2500 different label formats for the printing of labels.

Thank you Devon, who "gently" prodded us to add this feature.

Added April 25, 2008
When you move ANY column to the first position on the main screen, you can easily search by that column.

Thank you Fred for getting us to add this feature back into DELPHI, who "gently" prodded us to add this feature.

Added Feb 13, 2008
You can now rearrange and resize the columns shown on the main screen and DELPHI will remember your preferences each time you open the software.  If there is a column shown on the main screen that you do not care about, then move that column to the far right so it is out of view. Added Nov 15, 2007
Added a custom note to the each Insurance Company.  Added Nov 12, 2007
Added a Personalized Notes Library to DELPHI.

Now you can create a library of customized notes and use them in any of the notes (Progress Notes, Assessments, General Notes) throughout DELPHI.

First, create and maintain your own personalized notes in the Setup Menu under Personalized Notes.

Then, retrieve your custom notes by simply right-clicking in any note in DELPHI.  The right-click will present you with a list of notes to pick from, and then append that information to your document.

This really is an incredibly powerful feature and can be used for prescriptions, assessments, evaluations, intakes, or any other document that you can dream up.

Added Nov 1, 2007
Customer User Codes (See Setup->User Codes.) 

Includes 3 text fields, 3 currency fields, 3 numeric fields, 3 date fields, and 3 true/false fields to represent anything you please.

Added Sep 24, 2007
Added a Refresh Menu Button to the scheduler to update the schedule when in use in a network environment. Added Aug 20, 2007
Multi-Practice quick switch between practices. Added Jun 2, 2007
A permanent copy of all past insurance claims (Both Printed and Electronic,) is now available in the Session History screen and the Reports Menu. Added May 8, 2007
Preview of Insurance claims now includes the  newer CMS-1500 claim. Added Apr 28, 2007
Backup's can now be performed when attempting to exit the software. Added Mar 2, 2007
National Provider ID Number (NPI)

The Provider of Service setup screen now allows you to enter a National Provider ID number for each provider within a practice.

Added Feb 20, 2007
CMS-1500 (08/05) is part of DELPHI.

This form is the replacement to the HCFA-1500 claim form which has been in use for over 15 years. 

Added Feb 14, 2007
The insurance queue has been modified to allow you deal with multiple claim form types. 

Your choices are:

Added Jan 14, 2007
The Insurance Carrier Setup screen now allows you to select either a CMS or HCFA claim form.  In either case, you can also specify whether the claim is 'Paper' or 'Electronic'.

Once a claim form type is selected, this screen automatically adjusts itself to reflect the appropriate boxes on either claim form.  This allows you to customize each claim form on a carrier by carrier basis.  Most importantly, you get to pick the National Provider ID to be included on the new CMS claim forms.

Added Jan 12, 2007
The automatic update feature has how been enabled.

Any time you would like to check for a new version of DELPHI, you should click on the Help Menu at the top of the main screen, and select "Check for Updates".  This will allow DELPHI to update itself while the program is still running.

In the past, you had to exit DELPHI and visit our web site to obtain the latest version.

Added Dec 25, 2006
When printing insurance bills, DELPHI will now ask you which printer you would like to send the print job to.  This is very nice when you have multiple printers and have pre-loaded one printer with claim forms and the other with plain paper or letterhead.

Thank you Howard from Portland, and many others

Added Dec 13, 2006
The sticky note feature now allows you to attach a graphic file such as a picture of a client, scanned insurance card, or any other graphic. 

Thank you Dr. Clark from Philadelphia.

Added Dec 1, 2006
We have replaced the old scheduler with a new and world class scheduler.  A few of the major enhancements include:

- Sync with MS Outlook (and your handheld)

- Recurring appointments

- Day, Week, Month, Year, Timeline, or any other view

Additionally, you can now sync DELPHI with MS Outlook, which means you can then sync with your favorite hand-held device (Palm, Blackberry, Trio, etc.)

The new scheduler is one of the most useful additions in the past few years.  VERY NICE !

Thank you Fred from Tampa, and many others who have been "gently requesting..." a full-fledged scheduling package in DELPHI.

Added Nov 29, 2006
Progress indicators appear when any operation requires more than a few seconds to complete. Added Sep 25, 2006
All reports in DELPHI now take less time to compete. Improved Sep 2, 2006
Super Reports can now be saved.  Additionally, you can "Load" previously saved Super Reports.  Very nice and powerful feature. Added Aug 21st, 2006
The super report screen has been redesigned to lead you through the process of creating any report you desire. Improved Aug 20, 2006
Added a new column to the detailed activity report. 

For each payment, write-off, adjustment, etc., you can now see the session date that was affected.  This is actually a bit cooler than it sounds.  Just do a detailed activity report to see the new information.

Thank you Brian from California.

Added Aug 4th, 2006
Fixed a minor bug in the activity report.

Thank you Mardelle and Stuart from Washington.

Fixed Jul 20th, 2006
Added a "sticky note" feature.  This allows you to optionally keep a special set of notes for each individual client and have those notes pop up each time you highlight that client. 

This feature is very useful.

Thank you Mary Ann from Pennsylvania and David from Arizona.

Added Jun 26th, 2006
Fixed a minor inconsistency in the Activity Report.

Thank you Janice from Oregon (the only person in the country to point this out.)

Fixed Jun 24, 2006
Scheduling -  Multiple networked users can now see each others' changes to the scheduler by simply closing the scheduler and reopening it.

Thank you Mary Ann from Pennsylvania, and Cecelia from Virginia.

Added Jun 23, 2006
The session history screen is now resizable.  This allows you to do several things:

1.  Adjust the overall size of the screen to allow the viewing of more sessions.

2. Adjust the relative height of upper and lower screens.

3. Adjust the size of the lower screen to view progress notes in a larger screen.

Thank you Diane from New Jersey.

Improved Jun, 15, 2006
Many keystrokes have been added to various screens throughout the program. 

Thank you Sara (keyboard junkie) from Alaska.

Improved Jun 14, 2006
Scheduling - Each schedule is prettier due to custom colors assigned to each displayed provider.  It just looks better. Added Jun 12, 2006
Password Protection - An administrator can now be defined for DELPHI.  The administrator can then define which features of the software are available to other users.

NOTE:  Make sure you set the administrator's Access Level in the Providers of Service screen to 3 before downloading this version.

Thank you Tina from Florida, and Shauna from California.

Added Jun 7th, 2006
Fixed a few minor problems with the Tip of the Day screen. Fixed May, 23 2006

Scheduler Related -  You may now specify the hour that your day starts and when it ends.  Hours outside of this date-range will no longer clutter up your scheduler.

This provides a cleaner look and feel to the scheduler.

Added May 20, 2006

Restoring your data - If you use the "Restore" feature, this screen does a much better job of leading you through the process.

Improved Apr 29, 2006
The search feature on the main screen now allows you to move between clients without having your hands leaving the keyboard. 

This takes a little getting used to since older versions of the software required you to use your mouse to start a search. 

Another little trick is that you can "clear" a search by simply pressing the 'up' or 'down' arrow key on your keyboard and then resume searching for a new client.

Modified Apr 03, 2006
Some customers report that they don't know exactly what new features are included in the software as new versions become available.

DELPHI32 will now alert you to anything new to the software while you are actually using that part of the program. 

For example: if you are making a backup, the New Feature screen will appear telling you how backups are faster and take less space.

Added Mar 22, 2006
HELP is always available by pressing the <F1> key on your keyboard.

The help system is well written, contains a table of contents, keyword search, and hyperlinks to other related help topics. 

It also contains a beautiful reproduction/image of the "HCFA-1500" that allows you to click anywhere on the claim form with your mouse to receive instant help.

Very Nice. Mar 15, 2006
Recording Multiple sessions - You may now record multiple sessions from a "multi-month" or "year-at-a-glance" calendar.  Added Feb 12, 2006
Tip of the Day added to the system.  DELPHI32 will now optionally display a random "tip" each time you start the program.  Once you verify that you understand the "tip," you can mark it and it will no longer appear. Added Feb 12, 2006
Procedure Code Modifiers -  Although DELPHI32 allowed you to add "modifiers" in the past, this update allows you to automatically assign modifiers to specific procedure codes without having to pay attention to details.  Improved Jan 9, 2006
Scheduler related - You can now assign future appointments to any client and then instantly look up those appointments with a single click. Added Dec 20, 2005
Backing up your data is much more efficient.  Backups now take half the space and half the time they used to.  They are faster and smaller. Improved Dec 15, 2006
The "Insurance Queue" now searches more deeply for any past sessions that might need to be billed.  Another slight modification is that insurance bills are not assigned a print date until they are actually removed from the Insurance Queue. Minor addition, but useful. Nov 3, 2005
New Feature: (VERY NICE !!!)

DELPHI now lets you "view" completed HCFA-1500s on the screen rather than having to print them on preprinted claim forms. 

Added Mar 28, 2005
Insurance coverage - We have added  "Effective" and "Terminate" dates to client insurance coverage Added Mar 15, 2005
Concerning Statements and Activity Reports:

A new option has been added to DELPHI32 that allows you to remove the automatically generated transaction type descriptions that are attached to the descriptions typed in by you.

For example:  If you recorded a session in the past for INDIV PSYCH, Delphi32 would automatically print CHARGE INSUR - INDIV PSYCH.  You may now instruct the software to eliminate the CHARGE INSUR portion.  This means that you have total control over the description.  Warning:  If you enable this feature, you had better make sure you type meaningful descriptions for charges, payment, adjustments, etc...

Go to the Setup Menu under Accounting and look for the item labeled "Reduce descriptive info on Statements and Activity Reports"

Added Feb 2, 2005
DELPHI can now let you choose between the terms CLIENT and PATIENT.  Once selected, the appropriate term will appear throughout the software.

Go to the Setup Menu under Company to select your preference.

Added Feb, 1 2005
New Profit and Loss Report.  Please note that this feature is relevant only when you use DELPHI32 to record your expenses. Added/Improved Jan 3, 2005
New Expense Reports Improved Nov 11, 2004
Customized Progress Notes

Progress Notes (or Session Notes) can now be 'designed' by you to automatically include ANY relevant information.

Added Oct 21, 2004
New Statements !!!

You may now choose from three different body styles.  In addition, you may  customize the statements to meet your specific needs.

This new feature is available from the Setup Menu under Statements.

Added and Greatly Improved Aug 3, 2004
DELPHI32 now remembers the last date range you entered when running all reports and statements.  This makes it much easier to quickly navigate around the software. Improved Jul 14, 2004
The Super Report now contains "Interactive Totals."  If a column in the report can be totaled, then it will.  In addition, the interactive totals provide the ability to select the Sum, Count, Minimum Value, Maximum Value, and Average when the column lends itself to these calculations.  Lastly, if you apply a filter to the column, the totals automatically recalculate based on the new contents of the column.  This is a very useful feature. Added Jun 25, 2004
The ability to abandon payments when you make an honest mistake has been greatly improved.  Also, the ability to delete past payments/adjustments has been make bulletproof. Fixed/Improved May 17, 2004
When you make a backup, DELPHI32 used to check that a disk was inserted into drive A: (floppy).  If you didn't have a disk in the floppy drive, you would get an error message.  This no longer happens. Fixed Mar 23, 2004
The mouse wheel now works much more nicely within all lists. Added Jan 3, 2004
A problem occurred while previewing Activity Report and THEN selecting Save, or Printing Preferences.  The program appeared to freeze due to the dialog appearing BEHIND the preview of the report. Fixed Dec 30, 2003
The Client Insurance Coverage information has been added to the Payment Screen.  You may also increase the height of the payment screen (up to the height of your computer screen) which allows you to view more sessions at one time. Added Dec 17, 2003
Managed Care Tracking has been completely rewritten and improved.  You may now specify a beginning and ending treatment date, the number of days before the ending date when you would like to be notified, and the number of sessions allowed within the date range.  DELPHI32 will track the remaining sessions allowed within a date range, and let you specify a warning when the remaining sessions fall below the number you input.  Each time you record a session, DELPHI will spell out in 'English' the current Managed Care Status. Added / Rewritten Dec 15, 2003
The main screen now contains a button that will automatically 'resize' all information for a best fit.  This eliminates any wasted space in the listing of names, addresses, city, state, zip, etc... Added Dec 2, 2003
The ability to Submit Electronic Claims can now be done from within DELPHI32.  The Session History, Insurance Queue, and Utility Menu now contain a new icon labeled 'Submit Electronic Claims.' Added Nov 3, 2003
Each provider within a practice can now be assigned a percentage they will be paid based on their Net Income within a given time period.  The resulting percentage calculation, along with the Net Income, is shown on the Detailed Activity Report sorted by individual provider. Added Oct 30, 2003
The Super Report now includes the ability to FILTER the data contained in it.  Simply right click on any super report and DELPHI32 will allow you to select only those items that are important to you. Added Oct 20, 2003
Financial History screen now remembers the previous state that you left it in.  For example, if you like to see Long or Short history that is Expanded or Condensed, DELPHI32 will remember it for you. Added Oct 10, 2003
Insurance Carriers can be added 'on the fly' in addition to being incrementally searched by keyboard (instead of scrolling). Added Sep 9, 2003
The Client Amount Due was not printing under certain circumstances during batch printing of statements. Fixed Aug 15, 2003
Client Face Sheet / Client Profile has been added to the software.  This report can be 100% customized by users to meet their own needs. Added Aug 8, 2003
Under certain circumstances, the Insurance Queue and the Printing of Progress notes contained extra or invalid entries. Fixed Jul 27, 2003
All Setup Menu Databases (Diagnostic, Procedure, etc..) may be printed from their corresponding screens. Added Jul 22, 2003
Deleting of Unposted Payments has been completely rewritten.  This screen now provides much more detailed information. Added Jul 7, 2003
When recording a session or payment, the cursor automatically focuses on the date.   The Function key <F10> now saves, and <Esc> now exits - just like the old program. Added Jul 7, 2003
DELPHI32 now includes a self updating feature located in the HELP Screen.  You no longer need to go to our web page to update your version of DELPHI32. Added Jun 16, 2003
Incremental Searching on the Main Client List required you to click on the Search Box. Improved Jun 6, 2003
All reports may be exported to 6 different file formats including Excel Spreadsheets. Added May 5, 2003
Client Payments can be made while recording a session. Added May 5, 2003
Expense Reports. Added May 5, 2003
Greatly enhanced the capabilities of the Activity Report. Rebuilt May 5, 2003
Fonts may be selected for Managed Care/Assessment/Progress Notes. Added May 1, 2003
Expense Register and Refunds. Added Apr 4, 2003
Super Reports now include date range option for date sensitive material. Fixed Mar 3, 2003
Progress Notes, Session Details, and Special Notes are all optionally available on Financial Histories. Enhanced Mar 3, 2003
Added Client Amount Due to Financial Histories. Done Feb 2, 2003
When calculating a co-payment, we added the ability to set a percentage that the insurance will pay in addition to the flat fee for the co-pay. Enhanced Jan 14, 2002
Added Active vs. Inactive option to batch statement selection criteria and to Super Reports. Fixed Jan 07, 2003
Selecting dates forced you to follow specific rules that some users found annoying.  All dates in the program now allow free form date entry along with the ability to select a blank date if desired.  Improved Dec 12, 2002
Report Generator - Look under the Reports Menu and select Super Report.

This feature allows you to create ANY report you desire. 


Done Dec 12, 2002
Removed the option to convert data from old DOS system upon entry into DELPHI32. Fixed Dec 12, 2002
When billing MEDICARE, we automatically reorganize the claim form to follow their "CRAZY" rules.  This requires you to add a hyphen to the end of the MEDICARE- in the insurance setup screen. Fixed Dec 12, 2002
Removed Social Security Number from Statement - (HIPPA compliance) Fixed Nov 11, 2002
Allows the Main Screen to be Maximized or set to a custom size. Fixed Nov 11, 2002
Backup of Files now takes fewer disks.

Restore now searches your entire computer for available backups (useful for removable drives such as zip disks).

Fixed Nov 18, 2002
System Integrity Check on program startup is now optional. Fixed Nov 14, 2002
Incremental Search Feature added to all drop down boxes instead of having to scroll to the desired option. Fixed Nov 12, 2002
Backup no longer forces the use of the Floppy Disk Drive A: and is more intuitive in selecting alternative locations. Fixed Nov 1, 2002
Co-payments - In the past, if the co-payment amount in the Client Insurance Screen was left blank, the client co-payment was calculated at zero.  Now a blank co-payment sets the co-payment amount to the amount charged. Fixed Oct 29, 2002
Added the ability to print multiple copies of the same HCFA if desired. Fixed Oct 15, 2002
Fixed a potential problem when recording assessments. Fixed Oct 14, 2002
DELPHI32 now tests system integrity upon entry into the program and automatically corrects any database/index problems if they are found. Fixed Oct 11, 2002
Greatly increased the features of the scheduler such as recurrence, and only displaying three schedules at a time.  Many other minor improvements! Fixed Oct 8, 2002
Added the ability to include diagnostic codes on statements if selected from the client accounting screen. Fixed Oct 3, 2002
Included the option to print "Special Notes" on Statements and Financial Histories Fixed Oct 2, 2002
Included the option to print progress notes on financial histories Fixed Oct 1, 2002
Summary Reports (Aging, Activity, etc...) - blurring or bar code-like smears from some printers now repaired. Fixed Sep 26, 2002
Could not minimize Fixed Sep 23, 2002
Payment Screen - Disabled the "Details of Transaction" screen due to unpopularity. Fixed Sep 17, 2002
Under some circumstances, editing a past session in the session history screen did not correctly update the payment and financial history screen. Fixed Sep 9, 2002
Strange behavior with entering telephone numbers such as work phone Fixed Sep 4, 2002
Activity and Activity Reports do not sort by provider


Sep 3, 2002

The Accounting information located in the Client information screen cannot be easily seen in the current version because it hangs off the bottom of the screen. Moved the Client Accounting Information to its own “tab” similar to the Managed Care and Insurance Tabs. Sep 1, 2002
When adding a new client, Partial Disability, Hospital Stay, etc., are automatically filled with today’s date. When adding a new client, no date is entered into these fields. 

Aug 26, 2002